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Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies

ISEP is an independent, non-profit research organization, founded in 2000 by energy experts and climate change campaigners. Through our work we aim to provide resources and services to realize sustainable energy society.



Energy Transition and Energy Democracy in East Asia(Book)

"Energy Transition and Energy Democracy in East Asia" (Springer), edited and contributed by Jusen Asuka…
Community Power

Webinar “Future local energy by solar + battery” Japanese version “Freeing Energy” Bill Nussey

The local energy revolution will be the real thing from now on, and you will…

2021 Share of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources in Japan (Preliminary)

Summary In 2021, renewables are estimated to account for 22.4% of all electricity generated in…
Farming meets solar power in Africa – Part 6 (Webinar 12/23)
Community Power
IRENA Coalition for Action “Community Energy Toolkit”
100% Renewable Energy Scenario in Tokyo metropolitan area with green recovery by 2050
Farming meets solar power in Africa – Part 5 (Webinar 5/13)
Community Power
Women in Community Energy in Japan Research Report
Farming meets solar power in Africa – Part 4 (Webinar 4/19)


Sustainable Energy Society and Energy Democracy

We engage ourselves in a wide range of programs and activities by providing policy recommendations with regard to renewable energy and energy efficiency to the Japanese government, guidance and advice to local municipalities, conducting events such as international conference and symposium.

We also work with many communities to realize locally owned renewable energy projects from scratch to team building, business plan development, financial planning and operation.



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