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IRENA Coalition for Action “Community Energy Toolkit”

By 2021-11-26September 2nd, 2022No Comments

ISEP contributed to a publication of International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) – “Community Energy Toolkit: Best practices for broadening the ownership of renewables“. Dr. Shota Furuya, researcher at ISEP, served as the contributing author and reported the case study of Hotoku Energy and Shonan Power in Odawara, Japan.

Community Energy Toolkit: Best practices for broadening the ownership of renewables

Using a case study approach, this white paper analyses 11 renewable energy initiatives from across the world, showcasing best practices and the various socio-economic impacts to societies. Drawing learnings from the case studies, a checklist with key questions across seven dimensions is intended to help communities to take the first steps towards identifying their needs and developing their vision in line with their core values while accounting for the environment they are operating in. The key takeaways from 11 featured case studies may serve as inspiration for communities on how to set their initiatives up for success.