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100% Renewable Energy Scenario in Tokyo metropolitan area with green recovery by 2050

By 2021-10-01October 18th, 2021No Comments

In the online session of 7th International Conference on Smart Energy Systems, 21-22 September 2021, Hironao Matsubara, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies,  made presentation of “100% Renewable Energy Scenario in Tokyo metropolitan area with green recovery by 2050.

Full report(in Japanese)  was published with Greenpeace Japan in May, 2021.


This study presents investigation of the possibility of 100% Renewable Energy Scenario in Tokyo metropolitan area with green recovery process by 2050. In the Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government aims to decarbonize 100% of its energy use by 2050 to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by using renewable energy as main energy sources and strengthen energy efficiency. To achieve this goal, a scenario for 100% renewable energy in Tokyo is examined, which corresponds to a sustainable economic recovery so called green recovery from the COVID-19, and the potential for energy conservation and the possibility of energy conversion through sector coupling are shown. The amount of renewable energy introduced in Tokyo will be increased as much as possible in consideration of its potential for introduction in the area, and mainly solar and wind power electricity will be procured from outside the area. Electrification for the use of renewable energy electricity will be promoted, but the use of renewable heat and hydrogen and green gas/fuel from surplus electricity in the region is also envisioned.

Concluding remarks:

  • This study developed a 100% renewable energy scenario that is compatible with green recovery in response to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy,”
  • Based on the energy conservation scenario, we examined a scenario in which 100% renewable energy is used for final energy consumption in all sectors, and conducted an energy model analysis using EnergyPLAN.
  • In order to realize this 100% renewable energy scenario, it is important to set a clear goal and develop a roadmap, so that various stakeholders in Tokyo can promote the introduction of renewable energy in this region, including the surrounding areas. Local energy projects should be promoted on a public and private basis, and for each sector to procure sustainable renewable energy electricity from outside the region.