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Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies co-hosts a side event with Samsø Energy Academy and Mali-Folkecenter at the 8th International Renewable Energy Conference (KIREC Seoul 2019) on October 22nd 10:00~11:30. In the session, we will share the frontier of “Communities Build Renewable Energy Momentum and Point to the Future”.


The success of a global energy transition largely depends on the engagement of individual communities in local climate action. A community acts easier for change when it can see benefits that contribute to its well-being and sustainability. The engagement of stakeholders in the local energy transition and local ownership are key elements for success. The island of Samsø, Denmark, a carbon neutral community in the path to becoming carbon free by 2030, and community power case studies from around the world (Asia, Australia, North America, Africa) offer their best practice experiences on community divestment in conventional fuel infrastructure and investment in renewable energy. By putting people at the center of the vision for the future territories can deliver ambitious local climate action and at the same time strengthen their local economies. Samsø invites communities become drivers of the renewable energy uptake and connect in a global sustainable communities’ network.

Title: Communities Build Renewable Energy Momentum and Point to the Future
Date: October 22, Tuesday 2019
Time: 10:00~11:30
Venue: COEX Conference Room E4 (Geothermal), KIREC Seoul 2019 venue


Mr. Tetsunari Iida
Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies, Japan

Mr. Alexis Chatzimpiros
Samsø Energy Academy, Denmark

Mr. Ibrahim Togola
Mali Folkecenter

Mr. Stefan Gsänger
Secretary General, World Wind Energy Association


Samsø Energy Academy


Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies / Mali Folkecenter / World Wind Energy Association


Samsø Energy Academy
Mr. Alexis Chatzimpiros