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* We have decided to postpone coming this conference on 13th March due to Coronavirus epidemic. We do not fix when it will be held in so far (25th February,2020).

Following the Paris Agreement, transformation to 100% renewable energy in the heat and cooling sector is beginning to progress worldwide. Denmark and other European countries have introduced district heating systems for the smart use of energy.

In this international symposium, we will learn about initiatives for the 4th generation district heating and smart energy in Europe and the European heat roadmap. We will share the latest trends in decarbonization of local energy, initiatives on local decarbonization (zero carbon city) in Japan.



International Symposium of 4th Generation District Heating and Smart Energy
– Forefront of Decarbonization and Renewable Energy on Heating and Cooling


March 13th, 2020, 9:50 – 17:30 (Open: 9:30)


Britt Memorial Hall, Sacred Heart Global Plaza
University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo
(Hiroo 4-2-24, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan)



Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP)


Japan Community Power Association (JCPA)


  • Royal Danish Embassy
  • Sacred Heart Institute for Sustainable Futures


  • Ministry of Environment(Scheduled Application)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Global Environmental Bureau (Scheduled Application),
  • Japan Heat Supply Business Association
  • Japan District Heating & Cooling Association
  • Japan Biomass Energy Association
  • Geo-Heat Promotion Association of Japan
  • Japan Solar Energy Society

Funding Support

Japan Fund for Global Environment


English and Japanese (Simultaneous interpretation)


Free entrance (*Registration required)


Opening Remark

Tetsunari IIDA (ISEP)

Session 1 “Forefront of 4th Generation District Heating and Smart Energy”

    • Coordinator: Tetsunari IIDA (ISEP)
    • Keynote: Henrik Lund (Aalborg  University)
    • Speech: Izumi TANAKA (Denmark Embassy, Japan)
    • Comment: Expert of DH (TBA)

Session 2 “Heat Roadmap towards decarbonization”

    • Coordinator: Hironao MATSUBARA (ISEP)
    • Keynote: Poul Østergaard (Aalborg University)
    • Speech: Eri NAKAJIMA (Ministry of Environment)
    • Speech: Yuko Nishida (Renewable Energy Institute)
    • Comment: Expert of Environmental Policies (TBA)


Session 3 “Progress of District Energy and Decarbonization on District Heating in the world”

    • Coordinator: Toshihiko NAKATA (Tohoku University)
    • Keynote: Celia Martinez (UNEP,  District Energy in Cities Initiative)
    • Speech: Peter Lundberg (APUEA)
    • Speech: Jianjun Xia (Tsinghua University)
    • Speech: TBA (Korean District Heating & Cooling Association)

Session 4 “ Decarbonization and Smart Energy on District Heating in Japan”

    • Coordinator: Izumi TANAKA (Denmark Embassy, Japan)
    • Keynote: Toshihiko NAKATA (Tohoku University)
    • Speech: Minoru FUJII (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
    • Speech: Katsunori NAGANO (Hokkaido University)
    • Speech: TBA (Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
    • Comment: Expert of DH (TBA)

Closing Remark



Prior to the symposium, we will have a workshop on 4th Generation District Heating and Smart Energy.


March 12th, 2020, 13:30 – 17:30


Shufu Kaikan Plaza-f 4F
(Rokuban-cho 15, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)



English and Japanese (Consecutive interpretation)


Free entrance (*Registration required)


  1. Forefront of 4th Generation District Heating and Smart Energy
  2. Heat Roadmap Japan for decarbonization of Heating and Cooling
  3. Total discussion for Issue of 4DH and Smart Energy System in Japan


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