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Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies hosts a side event at the 8th International Renewable Energy Conference (KIREC Seoul 2019) on October 22nd 14:30~16:00. In the session, we will share the frontier of “Solar Energy and Agriculture”.


Both power generation and agriculture need solar energy and land. Rational use of these precious natural resources is a key to sustainable development. Competing resource use can be turned into complementary or, even better, mutually beneficial use with a rational planning. Study and actual application of “Agrivoltaics (or Solar Sharing),” for instance, is rapidly gaining popularity elsewhere in the world. We will introduce the existing practices of the mixed land use of photovoltaics and agriculture and discuss its potential applications.

Title: Solar Energy and Agriculture
Date: October 22, Tuesday 2019
Time: 14:30~16:00
Venue: COEX Conference Room E1 (Solar), KIREC Seoul 2019 venue


Mr. Seiichi Yamamoto
Director, Isumi Natural Enegy Co.,Ltd.
Business Advisor, Japan Community Power Association (JCPA)

Mr. Takeshi Magami
CEO, Chiba Ecological Energy Inc.

Mr. Makoto Tajima
Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP)

Mr. Ibrahim Togola
President, Mali-Folkecenter Nyetaa (MFC)

Korean Agrivoltaic Association (KAVA) – TBC


Dr. Shota Furuya
Researcher, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies


Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies / Mali Folkecenter


Institute for Sustainable Energy Policie
Mr. Makoto Tajima