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■  Energy Policy

We engage in energy policy research and make policy proposal to the national and local government.

  • Energy Strategies:
  • Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) and Grid Issue:
  • Nuclear energy policy:
  • Energy Market Reform:
  • Climate and Renewable Energy Policy for Municipalities:

■ Community Power Development Support

We engage in the development of support system and tools for the realization of community power projects.

  • Community Power Project Building Support:
  • Social Acceptance of Renewable Energy Project
  • Sustainable Zone Research:
  • Tohoku Reconstruction Support:

■ Energy Project Financing Support

Promoting Sustainable energy finance

  • Community fund:
  • Renewable energy cooperation between Tokyo and local prefectures Local finance schemes:

■ Community (Local Energy)

Supports for community projects

  • Support for local entrepreneurs
  • Social acceptance on renewable energies
  • 100% renewable energy community
  • Tsunagari Nukumori Project (Renewable Energy:Bring Unity and Warmth to the Disaster Affected Area)