ISEP Energy Chart is an energy data visualization project conducted by ISEP. Interpret the rapid development of renewable energies through data analysis.


In leading countries such as Germany and Denmark, energy generation data is timely released. It is then visualized by governments or private institutes for research and policy proposals.

Thanks to this shared data, scientific analyses from many different perspectives are conducted and new strategies to increase renewable energies are developed. This has contributed to the progress of the energy transition.

ISEP has created graphs and conduct analyses for purposes including policy proposals and making of “Renewables Japan Status Report” by using published data. However, much of the specific data has been kept private, which is one of the challenges for the visualization of energy data.

Accompanied by the electricity system reform, hourly electricity generation data from each of the 10 grid operators have been opened to the public since April 2016. This data is, however, made available with a time lag of several months.

We started to compile data on electricity supply and demand. We believe that there is a need to publicize the expertise and graphs from this data in an accessible form. That is why we have created ISEP Energy Chart website to visualize the energy generation data and other data.

JP: Feb 14, 2018
EN: Dec 6, 2018
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