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【Media】Eric Martinot at TEDxTokyo 2013

Renewable Energy Is Our Future: Eric Martinot at TEDxTokyo (English) Eric Martinot spoke at TEDx Tokyo on May 11. Based on his work for the Renewables Global Futures Report, he talked about the myths that persist about renewable energy. None of these myths are true today, given current trends and future projections and policy targets. He…More

【Media】Eric Martinot at Pathways to 100% Renewable Energy Conference

Eric Martinot gave the keynote speech at the Pathways to 100% Renewable Energy Conference, April 16 in San Francisco.  Sponsored by the Renewables 100 Policy Institute, this conference was a major international event attended by over 200 people and featured an outstanding array of speakers and topics packed into one day.  (Some colleagues who attended called this…More

【Media】Eric Martinot at University Colorado Boulder

On March 18, Eric Martinot presented the Renewables Global Futures Report to the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI) at the University of Colorado Boulder.  This was a 45-minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of audience questions. The video presents a brief summary of the current situation with renewable energy, followed by perspectives on the…More

Special program on “What we should know in the Fukushima Nuclear Accident”

Special program on (Internet media , Marth 15th,2011) “What we should know in the Fukushima Nuclear Accident” Tetsunari Iida (ISEP), Hideyuki Ban (CNIC) Please click here to see the first half program(Japanese/English). Please click here to see the second half program(Japanese/English). Website