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Research on troubles and corresponding policies in utility-scale solar PV project development in Japan

Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies conducted independent research on the current trend of utility-scale solar PV development in Japan with a special focus on troubles and corresponding policies. The result of the research is summarized as follows.


As utility-scale solar PV projects increase, more and more troubles with local inhabitants or local governments are reported. The main causes of these troubles are landscape preservation, disaster prevention, protection of the living environment, and getting consensus with inhabitants as well as the lack of a national policy. In order to deal with these problems, local governments are adopting 4 types of policy measures, including the specification of restrictions on areas for solar PV projects. Local governments should have discussions with local inhabitants about what types of renewable projects are preferable and which policies are needed to achieve their goals.

Keyword: utility-scale solar PV project, trouble, landscape preservation, disaster prevention, precautionary approach

(* The report was originally published in Japanese, and no English translation is available at this moment. We would appreciate it if you help us to translate the report into English.)