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Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP) aims to realize sustainable energy society based on four pillars: (1) Efficient energy system based on renewable energy, (2) Fair distribution of risk/benefit regarding to energy use, (3) Transparent and participatory decision making regarding to energy policy, (4) Decentralized and autonomous individuals and communities, and has engaged in the policy research, advocacy and information dissemination. And after 3.11, in the course of fundamental reconsideration of energy policy in Japan, we have developed the transformative strategies and concrete measures.

Areas of activities

We think the following  four areas of activities are essential to realize sustainable energy society, and have engaged in all of these areas: (1) Energy policy, (2) Energy project, (3) Finance and (4) Community.

Areas of activities

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Global interaction of knowledge and information

ISEP have close relationships with domestic and international institute. ISEP organizes JREP (Japan Renewable Energy Platform) with renewable energy associations and proposes policy recommendations. ISEP exchanges information and knowledge with international institutes through international conferences and research projects.

Global Networking