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Executive Director: Tetsunari IIDA
Chief Researcher: Hironao MATSUBARA
Senior Researcher: Noriaki YAMASHITA
Researcher: Shota FURUYA
Senior Research Fellow: Eric Martinot
Senior Fellow: Toshihiko TAKEMOTO
Project Manager: Akira URAI
Project Manager: Tsuyoshi YOSHIOKA

Executive Director: Tetsunari IIDA
Tetsunari IIDA is regarded among the top opinion leaders in the field of sustainable energy policy, well-known in Japan and internationally through many of academic publishing and through mass media as an independent and non-profit intellectual.
Having long been working as a “social innovator”, many of movements and results are achieved, or at least, coming out, such as; Originally proposed for the idea of “introducing green power scheme in Japan”, and involved in developing Japan‟s first green power certificate, Developing financing scheme of the Japan‟s first “community wind ownership”, had succeeded, and now under developing it into nationwide project, Having organized “the Supra-coalition of Member of Parliaments (MPs) for renewable promotion”, consisting of 1/3 of total MPs, then resulting in new legislation of “Renewable Promotion Law”
He is very much familiar with Nordic energy & environmental policy, and well-known through the book of “Energy Democracy in Nordic Countries” and creative networking activities.Governmental Committee;

  • Advisory Committee on Energy and Natural Resources under METI (2011 ~ 2013),
  • Advisory Committee for Prevention of Nuclear Accident organized by Cabinet Secretariat (2011 ~ 2012),
  • Climate Change Task Force at Cabinet Office (2009 ~ ),
  • Climate Change Committee for Ministry of Environment (2001 ~ ),
  • Renewable Energy Committee for Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (~ 2005),
  • Energy Policy Committee for Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (~ 2003),
  • Environmental Committee for Tokyo Metropolitan Government (2001 ~ )
  • Special Advisory on Energy Policy for Osaka City and Prefecture Government (~ 2012)

International Activities;

  • Board of World Bioenergy Association,
  • Board of REN21,
  • Partner of REEEP,
  • Scientific board of World Bioenergy Conference, Board of International Solar City Congress,
  • Scientific board of World Wind Energy Association,
  • Green Cross International’s Energy Program Advisory Committee
Senior Research Fellow: Eric Martinot
Dr. Eric Martinot is an internationally recognized scholar, writer, and teacher on the subject of renewable energy. He is report author of the just-released REN21 Renewables Global Futures Report, and was lead author until 2010 of the REN21 Renewables Global Status Report, an annual synthesis that he first created in 2005. He currently serves as senior research director with the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies in Tokyo and teaching fellow with Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He also maintains research affiliations with the Worldwatch Institute and the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association, and is an editorial board member for the journal Energy Policy. He lived in Beijing for three years as senior visiting scholar at Tsinghua University, and was formerly a senior energy specialist with the World Bank, renewable energy program manager with the Global Environment Facility, and adjunct professor of public policy at the University of Maryland. He has written 70 publications on renewable and sustainable energy since 1990, and holds a Ph.D. in Energy and Resources (1995) from the University of California at Berkeley and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (1984) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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