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Renewables 2015 Japan Status Report

By Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies(ISEP), “Renewables Japan Status Report 2015 Executive Summary” has been published in Japanese version only in September, 2015. Renewables Japan Status Report was published in Japanese annually since 2010. In October 2015, Charts of Renewables 2015 Japan Status Report is released in English. Detailed information is here.

ISEP 15th Anniversary Movie: Trajectory and the Future

ISEP had the 15th anniversary on September 11th, 2015. Taking this opportunity, we made a movie clip to review our activities. We continue to serve as an open platform for social innovation to make sustainable energy society.

International Community Power Conference 2014 in Fukushima

ISEP held International Community Power Conference 2014 in Fukushima. For the detail of the conference, please see the conference website here. For the outcome of the conference, “Fukushima Community Power Declaration” here.

Workshop on the Future Prospects of Renewable Energy

Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies(ISEP) and REN21( Renewable Energy Policy network for the 21st Century) have announced the “Renewables Global Future Report (GFR)” in the “Abu Dhabi International Renewable Energy Conference (ADIREC2013)” in January this year. This report is epochal since it is consisted of   interviews from over 170 top leaders in the Renewable Energy…More

Japan Community Power Conference 2013

■ Introduction The enforcement of the feed-in tariffs on July 2012 triggered the acceleration of the renewable energy projects development in many areas in Japan. In the course of such development, the bottom up and cooperative approach among local stakeholders is important. And it is also important to introduce the mechanism which enables local stakeholders…More