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Workshop on the Future Prospects of Renewable Energy

Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies(ISEP) and REN21( Renewable Energy Policy network for the 21st Century) have announced the “Renewables Global Future Report (GFR)” in the “Abu Dhabi International Renewable Energy Conference (ADIREC2013)” in January this year.
This report is epochal since it is consisted of   interviews from over 170 top leaders in the Renewable Energy Sector, and the future scenarios announced recently. This report enables to grasp the future prospects of the world’s renewable energy with the abundance of information on the industrialized to developed nations.
We will hold a workshop to discuss the future of Japanese renewable energy and share this latest report with the stake-holders in Japan as follows. Please apply from the application form below. We look forward to your attendance.


Date: February 15th 2013, 15:00~18:00

Place: Second Diet Members’Office Building of the Lower House (2-1-2, Nakano, Nakano-ku Tokyo)


Renewables Global  Futures Report (15:00~16:00) Eric Martinot (Senior Research Director of ISEP)

Workshop on Japan’s Future Prospect of Renewable Energy (16:00~18:00)

Japanese Renewable Energy Professional, Renewable Energy Related institutions, NGO

Application: Please send e-mail to


Renewables Global Futures Report

Abu Dhabi International Renewable Energy Conference (ADIREC2013)